I’m a field nurse and proud member of the New York State Nurses Association.  I visit new and expectant mothers in their homes to make sure they get the care they need. Everyday, I see that our healthcare system is failing us. I see new black mothers sent home from the hospital with complications, because their pain isn’t taken seriously. I see diabetics struggling to get quality care because they’re on Medicaid. And I see my neighbors losing their health insurance by the thousands, because they’re laid off. Our current crisis shows that, now more than ever, we must put public health above profit. I am fighting to:

    1. Enact safe staffing ratios in hospitals, to keep us all safe by limiting the number of patients assigned to each healthcare worker.
    2. Fund our hospital system to reverse our state’s history of closures and cuts.
    3. Pass the New York Health Act immediately to create a single payer healthcare system in New York. The NYHA offers care that is:
      • Free at the point of access.
      • Cheaper than the status quo for 90% of New Yorkers.
      • Comprehensive, including all reproductive health, dental, and vision care.
      • Truly universal, covering all New Yorkers, no matter their immigration status.


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