I’m a tenant and believe that tenants, not landlords, should democratically control their apartment buildings. This is what it means to make housing a human right. And it’s why I’m rejecting all money from landlords and real estate interests.

Three years ago, I worked with my neighbors to organize our tenant association when our landlord told us he was going to convert our rent-stabilized apartments to condos. We fought back and stopped harassment, forced our landlord to make repairs, and kept our neighbors in their homes. In June 2019, I participated in a mass civil disobedience as part of the Housing Justice for All campaign — which won some of the strongest tenant protections NY State has seen. We must build on these protections to end homelessness and guarantee everyone a home. That’s why I proudly support a Homes Guarantee and will fight to:

  • Make universal rent control a reality for all tenants, by passing good-cause eviction and eliminating the Major Capital Improvement loophole.
  • Create democratically controlled social housing by:
    • Allowing tenants to collectively purchase and run their buildings to meet human need, not line their landlord’s pockets.
    • Investing $3 billion in public housing, prioritizing NYCHA residents who have faced winters without heat and can’t get needed repairs.
    • Housing our homeless neighbors by funding 20,000 units of supportive housing for those leaving our shelter system.
  • Tax the rich to solve our housing crisis, by ending 421a and 485a tax breaks and passing new taxes on the wealthy, such as the pied-a-terre tax.

Together we can pass universal rent control, develop democratically controlled social housing, and make the wealthy pay to solve the housing crisis that they created.


Phara is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. Her campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.

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