I am a nurse and a proud member of the New York State Nurses Association. As a union member, I know that we have to organize and fight for a living wage, benefits, and on-the-job protections.

Before I became a nurse, I worked as an Uber driver, in kitchens, and in hospitality. Without a union, I had to deal with sexual harassment, abusive supervisors, dangerous workplaces, and arbitrary scheduling. In any of these jobs, like so many workers, I could have been fired for speaking up and fighting back. I know that we can only live a decent life when we organize and unionize our workplaces.

I refuse all contributions from corporate PACs. I will fight to:

Grant new rights for all workers by:

  • Ending at-will employment, and protecting all workers from arbitrary termination with a just cause law.
  • Extending the length, maximum weekly benefit, and eligibility for paid parental leave for all workers.
  • Creating mandatory three weeks of paid vacation leave for all employees and raising paid family/sick leave to a minimum of two weeks for all employers.

Ensure that all workers have the right to join and participate in a union by:

  • Barring companies that violate labor standards and workers’ right to unionize from holding state contracts.
  • Ending subsidies for companies that do not offer card check neutrality.
  • Passing legislation granting workers excluded from federal labor law (such as those working in rideshare, agriculture and domestic roles) the right to unionize.
  • Granting public sector workers the right to strike to improve public services by amending the Taylor Law.

Protect workers in critical, underregulated industries by:

  • Ensuring adequate funding of labor standards enforcement statewide.
  • Following California’s example, ending the misclassification of “gig economy” employees as independent contractors, which prevents them from joining a union, claiming unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation and family and medical leave.
  • Enacting stronger workplace protections for those in the building trades, such as large fines for unsafe workplaces and prevailing wage for any project receiving public money.
  • Establishing safe staffing requirements for health care facilities, so that front-line medical staff don’t work overtime every week and jeopardize our health and safety just to keep a hospital’s profit margins inflated.
  • Increasing the minimum wage state-wide to $15 and eliminating the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers.
  •  Requiring employers to set aside money to pay workers in cases of wage theft or bankruptcy.


Phara is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. Her campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.

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