Our Current Crisis

During this mounting health and economic crisis, the call for democratic socialism has only grown louder. Our government has failed to prepare and now it is failing to adequately respond. We demand a response that puts human wellbeing before the interests of corporations and the wealthy.  We must not only address our pressing short-term needs, but also the long-term problems that this crisis lays bare. I am united with other DSA candidates making these demands and call for the adoption of the wider NYC-DSA crisis platform.

We demand that the state of New York:

  1. Suspend and forgive all residential and commercial rent payments during the crisis.
  2. Suspend all medical expenses incurred because of COVID-19.
  3. Take control of private hospitals that fail to respond adequately, under the direction of healthcare workers and experts.
  4. Immediately meet NYSNA’s demands to ensure that healthcare workers have protective equipment and to keep struggling hospitals open.
  5. Provide free WiFi to those working and studying from home.
  6. Provide housing to all homeless individuals in the city to protect their health and safety.
  7. Provide clemency to incarcerated people to protect their health, including those over 50, pregnant individuals, people with fewer than 90 days remaining on their sentence, people incarcerated for parole violations, and those with compromised immune systems.

We demand that the federal government:

  1. Suspend ALL debt payments including mortgages and student loans.
  2. Suspend all immigration proceedings and provide amnesty to all undocumented individuals to protect their health and safety.
  3. Pay everyone not working during the crisis a monthly living wage.

In the longer term, we must mitigate future crises by enacting a free and universal single-payer healthcare system in New York and across our country. We must strengthen unions so in times of crisis, workers can fight to protect themselves. We must guarantee all New Yorkers a home and finally pass universal rent control. Finally, we must enact a Green New Deal for New York to provide much needed economic stimulus and to ensure our state is prepared for the unfolding climate crisis.

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