I’m committed to making New York state a sanctuary for all people, regardless of their imigration status. As the proud daughter of Haitan immigrants, I am proud to stand up for all immigrant communities as we face constant attacks from Trump and the federal government. 

Our state has not done enough to allow my community to live free from fear. We need policies that protect immigrant communities from racist federal policies so we can participate in the social and democratic life of New York. Working people across this state must stand together in solidarity against Trump and those who want to divide us so we can enjoy a more just and equal society. 

In the Assembly I will fight to:  

  1. Protect New Yorkers from ICE.
    • Keep ICE out of courts (A2176). 
    • Prevent state employees from sharing information with ICE (A9586). 
  2. Extend voting rights and the right to social services to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, by passing the New York Is Home Act.
  3. Make New York a sanctuary state. 
    • Protect immigrant workers by ending wage theft, allowing workers to bring public enforcement action to stop labor violations, and by extending labor rights to domestic workers.
    • End the Criminal Justice to Deportation Pipeline.
      • Guarantee the right to jury trial in criminal court.
      • Guarantee the right to be advised of immigration consequences of plea deals.
      • Permanently fund legal representation for all, including immigration proceedings.
    • No Business with ICE.
      • End state contracts with companies that contract with DHS and ICE or share data with ICE.
      • Decertify banks that contract with or fund ICE.


Phara is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. Her campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.

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