End Police Brutality, Reimagine Public Safety

My first protest was in 1997 with my step father. We were protesting the brutalization of Abner Louima by the police. 23 years later, we are protesting the racist murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. I feel betrayed when I see police flagrantly violating the rights of black people across this country. 

These protests are historic. Protesters are calling for an end to police brutality and for cities and states to reinvest police budgets in real forms of social support. This isn’t the time to stand on the sidelines and watch. 

As your assemblywoman, I will:

  • Defend the rights of protesters.
    • Stop unconstitutional curfews, which infringe on the First Amendment.
    • Call for a well-funded special prosecutor to prosecute police repression.
    • Enforce strict discipline for police who cover their badge number.
  • Fight to pass the Safer NY Act.  This package of bills includes a full repeal of 50-a, which would let us see police disciplinary records and hold police accountable. 
  • Call upon the city to decrease the NYPD’s budget by billions of dollars to fund social services and public safety measures that don’t involve policing. We can retrain police in non-policing roles and keep our city safe and healthy without resorting to the constant use of force–we can provide better jobs,  better living conditions, better education, more social workers, and mental health services to respond to our society’s problems. 


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