I rely on public transit every day. Riding the subway to and from work, I see our transit system failing working class people. We could have a world class transit system, but only if we invest in the MTA. Instead of hiring more subway cops and raising fares, we should be making much needed investments to modernize our signal system, rapidly expand disability access, and drastically lower costs for working people.

As your next assemblywoman, I will fight to:

  1. Reduce police presence in our transit system. At the beginning of 2020, the MTA Board decided to hire 500 new subway cops to enforce fare evasion. We should be making investments in our infrastructure, not hiring more police to criminalize poverty.
  2. End fines for fare evasion. Rather than criminalizing poverty, we should be ensuring that all people can use our transit system. 
  3. End delays by funding new subway signal infrastructure. Phara will fight for a moratorium on new lines into wealthy neighborhoods until basic upgrades are made throughout the system and service is increased for working class neighborhoods.
  4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make our city healthier by funding new infrastructure for buses, bikes, and pedestrians.
    • Build traffic-calming measures  (i.e., physical barriers, curb cuts, greenery etc.) to protect pedestrians and bikers.
    • Ensure that disabled people can use our bus and subway systems.
    • Identify more streets to pilot “busways” similar to 14th St in Manhattan.
    • Connect disconnected bike lanes in Brooklyn within 5 years and expand protected bike lanes.


Phara is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. Her campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.

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