A Green New Deal

I support enactment of a Green New Deal for New York:

  1. 100% Renewable Energy
  2. Stopping All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
  3. Public Power
  4. Taxing the Rich to Fund the Green New Deal 

This bold agenda would slash climate pollution while maximizing good, union jobs and investment into low income communities and communities of color. It would transform New York State through


  • Better and more affordable mass transit
  • High speed intercity train service between Buffalo and New York City
  • Affordable purchase of electric vehicles for lowincome and lowmiddle income drivers to replace gas-guzzlers 

Housing & Communities

  • Upgraded and new public and supportive housing that maximizes energy efficiency and helps ensure proper and timely maintenance in NYCHA and other public housing around unmet capital needs; 
  • State funded renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades for lowincome homeowners and rent-regulated housing to take buildings off of fossil fuels; 
  • Cutting pollution for cleaner air and healthier communities 

Power Grid 

  • A massive jobs program through public ownership of utilities and power production through building utilityscale wind and solar power delivered on a modern, upgraded grid
  • Support for existing and new community owned solar operations

Finance & Labor 

  • Raising the funds needed yearly for all these programs through $10 billion per year in increased taxes on the rich. (Increased federal funding would be needed to ensure faster completion of these objectives.) Transition funding to pay fossil fuel-dependent workers and communities whose jobs and revenues, respectively, are cut as 100% renewable energy develops. All state funds for these programs would be conditioned on high-road labor standards to maximize good, union jobs and hiring from disadvantaged communities into career track, sustainable careers. 


Phara Souffrant Forest

Homes Guarantee Pledge

I pledge to advance policies that move housing from commodity to human right.

I pledge my commitment to eradicating homelessness once and for all.

I pledge to design housing policies as racial and climate justice interventions.

I pledge to increase investment in public and social housing.

I pledge to support universal rent control policies.

I pledge to reject any developer and real estate contributions that my campaign may be offered, and to return any developer and real estate money that I have already taken.

I pledge to campaign on the Homes Guarantee (ex: talk about it at forums and town halls, include in canvassing scripts, arrange meetings with local tenant and community organizations to grow my own understanding, proudly display my support for the Homes Guarantee on my website and other campaign materials, etc.)

I pledge to run a campaign that is accountable to a local base of tenants, and to meet with members of the Homes Guarantee team within 60 days of victory.


Phara Souffrant Forrest


Phara is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. Her campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.

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