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    There are three ways to vote in this upcoming primary: voting by mail, early voting, and day-of voting. You can:
    • Vote on the day of the election (June 23) at your polling place
    • Vote early at your early voting polling place
    • Vote via your absentee ballot (if you have already requested one)


You can vote in this primary as you would normally on election day, June 23rd. Polls are open 6am to 9pm on Tuesday, June 23rd. Find your polling site and its hours at NYC.POLLSITELOCATOR.COM.


New Yorkers can now vote for several days leading up to primary day at designated early voting sites. Early voting has begun, and can be done up until June 21. This is a great way to cast your vote while maintaining social distancing guidelines and keeping crowds to a minimum. Find your polling site and its hours at NYC.POLLSITELOCATOR.COM.


If you requested an absentee/mail-in ballot, you must mail your ballot by June 23. To ensure your vote is counted, mail it before this date if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get my ballot and I want to vote in person? You’re in luck! If you receive an absentee ballot but would like to vote in person instead you can still go to the polls on election day, or during early voting, and vote in person. You do not need to bring in your absentee ballot but can if you would like!

What if I never receive my absentee ballot?  If you sent in your application for an absentee ballot but it does not arrive in the mail you can vote in-person on election day! You do not need to bring in proof of filling out the application.
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